Barbara Johnson Watercolors

Barbara Johnson is a retired Engineer with decades of support to our Country under her belt. Most importantly she is a Watercolorist.

Fascinated by the beauty and magic of renowned Watercolorists such as Jim Kosvanec, Georgia O’Keefe, Angus McEwan, and Thomas Moran, Barbara began studying art in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1990 under Daniel Wang, Hawaii’s State Watercolor Artist.

Barbara’s displayed her art on the fence in Kapiolani Park, the largest and second oldest public park in Honolulu, Hawaii, and sold her art to local Hawaiians and tourists…

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Barbara Johnson Watercolors

Barbara Johnson Watercolors Art

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‘The Storm’

‘The Fence Line’

American Soldier

Trek of the Wildebeest

“Life and art are dances of life. Everyone needs to dance with abandon. Watercolor intrigues and delights me. It makes my souls sing like listening to a great piece of music. Everyone deserves life, music and art. ”

Barbara Johnson


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Thomas E Johnson is the professional who takes all photographs of my paintings for this site. I am eternally grateful for the time he takes to make certain the photographs accurately represent the color and content of the paintings.  Many of Tom’s fine art photographs are the basis for many of my paintings. I highly recommend you visit his site for a look at the beauty and soul of the country he captures with his camera.

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Below you will find a sampling of Barbara’s musings and posts about watercolor art, life, and more…

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