‘The Storm’

‘The Storm’

The Storm

Never give up, stay positive, and love your life. Everyone has their own journey, even when things are not so great always remember to have hope and that things will get better!” Jenn Bakker, Breathtaking Moments Photography

The first time I saw Breathtaking Moments Photography’s image of the abandoned schoolhouse in Northern Arizona, I knew I had to paint it. The first step in the painting journey was contacting the photographer to obtain permission to use the photograph as a reference picture. And that’s when I have the great, good fortune to meet Jenn; an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary talent.

Jenn is an Army veteran with an incredible eye for beauty and a passion that’s difficult to capture in words. Life did not deal her winning cards, but

Reference Photograph by Breathtaking Moments Photography

she turned each hand into a winner through her amazing soul. In her own words, “Photography has always interested me, even as a child. As a young adult I worked on achieving my MBA, focused on my family and photography was an adored hobby. I have a young son, who also loves photograph, his name is Matt, and he is nine years-old. Four years ago, I was in a tragic car accident that caused me to suffer from a TBI, amongst a list of other injuries; I am happy every day to still be alive. I had to reteach myself very simple things and to relearn photography on my own. Sometimes when tragedies strike, an opportunity we never realized to be possible comes to light.”

Breathtaking Moments Photography is a wonderful place to visit and explore. Enjoy the world through Jenn’s eyes, check out the places she’s been and the wonders she’s captured. ‘The Storm’ evokes the drama of Northern Arizona, the memories of times past, all framed by the beauty of the landscape and the promise of tomorrow.

Thank you, Jenn!